Andrew Scheer would provide $30 million over four years for important environmental projects

Bruce Stanton, Conservative Candidate for Simcoe North teamed with his fellow Simcoe County Conservatives to announce this local environmental initiative, “By partnering with community conservation and water protection organizations to reduce pollution in Lake Simcoe and enhancing the natural fishery resources, we will ensure the Lake will be able to serve the communities from which our drinking water is taken” said Stanton. Under a Conservative government, the restored Lake Simcoe Clean-up will be funded with a $30 million investment over four years to support over 200 community-based projects.

Originally introduced by the previous Conservative government in 2008, with an investment of $58 million over ten years, the Lake Simcoe Clean-up Fund is an important part of Canada’s Conservatives’A Real Plan to Protect the Environment. The quality of our local environment impacts our lives, and Canadians care deeply about what happens in their own backyard.

“450,000 people call the Lake Simcoe watershed home. We depend on the watershed for our drinking water, water for agriculture, water for our crops and animals, and so much more,” said Scot Davidson, Conservative candidate for York – Simcoe, “The increase in urban development, invasive species and other challenges have affected the health of the watershed over the years. We must come together to protect the vital natural resource that so many of us rely on and call home.”

A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment builds on this important work and Canada’s Conservatives’ proud environmental legacy to emphasize community engagement and consultation. Canada’s Conservatives have a plan that will conserve and protect our air, land, water, and wildlife.